Interested Persons, Please contact   Johnny: +63 926 875 3174  email:
Dive Master
If you are a dive master, rent a space in our resort and do your own diving business.

Travel Agencies & Tour Companies
If your company is doing tourism business, lets link up. Make full inclusive packages or per day basis.

Long Term Rental-Partner
If you want long term rental, build your own cottage within our resort. All maintenance and utilities are included. You stay as long as you want, if you are not here, we rent it out to other customers and split the profit. Much better than time-share. You decide when and how long you want to stay. Plus, you earn money to recover your investment.

Pontoon Boat
Are you looking for a modern fiberglass boat? or doing boat selling business? We specialize in fiberglass pontoon deck boats. "party boat" You can buy only the pontoons or complete boat ready to use. Perfect boat for party cruise, island hopping, fishing and diving. Very stable.
*  Two pontoons, catamaran style
*  3 pontoons, trimaran style
*  Very safe with multiple chambers, no bilge
*  For inboard or outboard motors.
*  Expandable. you can lengthen the boat later in 3 mtr increments
*  Easy maintenance and practical.

Home Building-Construction
If you are interested in building a home, lets talk. I specialize in solid concrete prefab structures. Include walls(no hollow blocks), water systems, swimming pools, seawalls and other general constructions.

Resort Business
If you are interested in owning and operating a resort, try this one, all set to go. If you have extra cash, make an offer.
Business Opportunities