Brief Data
We broke ground on April 1996. Started accepting customers on Jan 2000. Due to its
remoteness, there are problems and benefits. Bringing in power, materials and accessible road
were few of these obstacles. With these items resolved, life is good. Our aim is to provide a
modern resort at the local prices. We have plenty of water with good water pressure. Our solid
concrete buildings are designed to withstand strong typhoons.

Physical Description
Bonista Resort consist of 3.8 hectares. Due to its size, parking is never a problem and open space
gives sense of peace. We are secluded and private with no traffic noise or pollution. The
northerly winds help keep the temperature down to make it more comfortable during hot
summers. With 300 meters of coast line, access to the sea is easy. Definitely a good place to
relax and rejuvenate your body.

Environmental Friendly Resort
Although nature can be attractive and beautiful, please do not take any plants or animals. All
creatures must be protected and preserved for the next generation. In line with this thought,
please do not kill or take any sea creatures or shells from the sea. If each customers take one
shell or crab, there wouldn't be any creatures left after few years. Please take pictures and fond
memories only.

Taste is Subjective
Although, we try to make our resort suitable to everyone, it cannot be for everyone. If it is
suitable to your needs, then you are very welcomed and please enjoy your stay. If our resort is
not to your standard, please don't ask us to change our resort for you. There are plenty of other
resorts which may satisfy your taste. If you have a solution to any one of our problems, then we
will be thankful. Pure derogatory comments solves nothing.

Customer is Always Right?
No! Sometimes they are and sometimes they are not. Since Jan 2000, we had thousands of nice
customers. But it seems there are few people downright nasty and destructive.

Case 1:  How can cleaning fish, cooking in the room and plugging up the toilet with guts, bones
and rags be right? We provide cooking and cleaning facilities outside. If we comment "please use
the cleaning facility provide", they will attack you by making derogatory comments on various
reviews. This prompts us to charge food corkage to compensate maintenance cost. Our apologies
to the good customers.

Case 2:  Why do some people want to break our house rules? Perhaps their money is better than
other customers' money. Our pool is closed at midnight and have no staff. If we prevent them
from swimming after midnight, they make derogatory comments that our services are bad. We
provide same services to people who wear branded shoes or slippers. 

Case 3:  All rooms have memo stating we are not responsible for valuables not turned into our
procession for safe keeping. We do not know what you have or don't have. The person who
stated he lost money would not go to the police station to blotter with us. Why? Our security
stopped him while sneaking out at 2:30 am without paying his bill. Could this have something to
do with him making his derogatory review?

Case 4:  Some people are more sinister than most of us. A storm has brought in lots of debris.
We do clean it up in time.  However, this sinister person will take a zoomed photo of the debris
and post Bonista is a dirty place. Come see for yourself. No resort is 100% clean every day. We
do our best to clean-up after customers and weather conditions. Is this jealousy or crab

Review though critical at times, suppose to make some constructive suggestions. The
suggestions should be do-able.  Example: Critisizing about the road to us is not valid since the
responsibility belongs to the local government.
All resorts and hotels have some derogatory and some overzealous reviews. Even 5 star resorts
and hotels are not excluded. Unfortunately, review web pages has become a venue for people
with hurt feelings to vent out their anger and attack the establishments. This is not necessary
where life and business is hard enough to survive. If you don't like it, just don't patronize. It is
that simple. No need to attack or to hurt businesses trying to survive.
Review should be objective and made by professional people who understands the nature of the
business and the required standards. Government is doing such a star rated system. The
purpose is to help guide customers towards their requirements and desires. It is obvious that
one cannot expect 5 star resorts to charge you 1,000 pesos per room. At the same token, don't
expect a resort who charge you 1,000 peso to provide 5 star services and facilities. You choose
the services and facilities that best suit your wallet.
In conclusion, though interesting, we should take personal reviews lightly and focus more on
professional reviews. Any review websites posting personal emotional comments should be
responsible and professional enough to follow up and get facts before posting, else the website
will become an opinionated dumping grounds for spiteful people.
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